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B00I1KF59CThe Thin Wall: A POW/MIA Truth Novel by R. Cyril West

Genre: Vietnam War, Eastern, Historical, Literary, Historical Fiction, Political, Mystery, Thriller & Suspense, Vietnam War History (Kindle Store), History of Eastern Europe, Political Thrillers & Suspense
Price: $2.99
B01GU0Y2C0Juked: A Texas Mutiny Soccer Romance by ME Carter

Genre: Sports Fiction (Kindle Store), Sports Romance (Kindle Store), Romance (Kindle Store)
Price: Free [Drop from $0.99]
B00CBX5LE4Becoming a Queen by Elena Buckley

Genre: Metaphysical Fiction, Metaphysical & Visionary Fiction (Books), Romantic Comedy (Kindle Store)
Price: $0.99
B06XSZYGGCRights of Man by Thomas Paine

Genre: Political Philosophy (Kindle Store), Ethics & Morality, Political Philosophy (Books)
Price: $2.99
B06Y31LC42Brush Creek Cowboy: Christian Contemporary Western Romance (Brush Creek Cowboys Romance Book 1) by Liz Isaacson

Genre: Western & Frontier Christian Romance (Kindle Store), Religious Romance (Kindle Store), Western Romance (Kindle Store)
Price: Free [Drop from $2.99]
B07K5NL8CKSolar Knights Volume I: An Epic Fantasy Sci-Fi Story (Errantiers Legacy #1) by Adam Moymy

Genre: Science Fiction Adventure, Dark Fantasy Horror, Sword & Sorcery Fantasy eBooks, Dark Fantasy
Price: $0.99
B07SHK49B1Prince of Killers: A Fog City Novel by Layla Reyne

Genre: LGBT Mystery, Gay Romance, Romantic Suspense (Kindle Store)
Price: Free [Drop from $3.99]
B07WQMP41BSave Him: Can he prevent the death of Jesus? by William M. Hayes

Genre: Religious Science Fiction & Fantasy (Books), Time Travel Science Fiction (Kindle Store), Metaphysical Science Fiction eBooks
Price: $0.99
B07WS1Y958Crazy Is As Crazy Does: The Life of a Serial Killer by John H. Mudgett

Genre: Suspense (Kindle Store), Historical Thrillers (Kindle Store), Historical Thrillers (Books)
Price: $0.99 [Drop from $3.99]
B07Y5ZT1Q6Jaga's Bones (Chronicles of Gloam Book 1) by Simon McHardy

Genre: Dark Humor, Humorous Fantasy (Books), Dark Fantasy Horror, Dark Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery Fantasy eBooks, Gaslamp Fantasy (Books)
Price: $0.99
B07YN2N79KCoin for a Dream: Stories from My Early Years by Mae Adams

Genre: Korean History (Books), Historical Asian Biographies (Books), History of Korea
Price: $0.99
B07XSH68R8Cowboy Baby Daddy (My Baby Daddy Book 5) by B. B. Hamel

Genre: Women's Action & Adventure Fiction, Women's New Adult & College Fiction, Women's Crime Fiction
Price: Free [Drop from $2.99]
B083D3WKMWEsports in Education: Exploring Educational Value in Esports Clubs, Tournaments and Live Video Productions by Paul Richards

Genre: Educational Software, Schools & Teaching (Kindle Store), Computers & Technology (Books)
Price: $2.99
B083WMB4Q3Edgar Allan Poe: Complete Tales and Poems by Edgar Allan Poe

Genre: Literary Anthologies & Collections, Fiction Anthologies
Price: Free
B083ZP3PKFThe Blog Startup: Proven Strategies to Launch Smart and Exponentially Grow Your Audience, Brand, and Income without Losing Your Sanity or Crying Bucketloads of Tears by Meera Kothand

Genre: Social Media, Computer Graphic Design, Electronic Publishing, Business Consulting (Kindle Store), Entrepreneurship Advertising, Internet Marketing, Sales & Selling Management, Business Consulting (Books), Content Management Systems, Electronic Documents
Price: $0.99
B0843GMNX1S is for Second Chance by Annie J. Rose

Genre: Women's Action & Adventure Fiction, Contemporary American Fiction, City Life Fiction (Kindle Store)
Price: $2.99
B00WH6L8YCLove You, Always (Always Series Book 1) by Cristin Cooper, Book peddler editing

Genre: Family Life, Contemporary, Family Life Fiction (Kindle Store), Contemporary Romance (Kindle Store)
Price: Free [Drop from $2.99]
B010WJPOJ0(Crime Thriller) Celestial Summoner: An Esoteric Paranormal Suspense Thriller (Paranormal Detective Stories Book 1) by Kyle Robertson

Genre: Eastern European, Eastern, Police Procedurals, Psychics, Collections & Anthologies, Mystery Anthologies (Kindle Store), Eastern European Literature (Kindle Store), Police Procedurals (Kindle Store), Psychic Mysteries, Witch & Wizard Mysteries, European Literature (Books)
Price: $0.99
B06ZZCDJ44End of Knighthood Part I: The Chess Pieces (Reverence Book 2) by Joshua Landeros

Genre: Military Science Fiction (Kindle Store), Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction (Kindle Store), Dystopian Science Fiction (Kindle Store)
Price: Free [Drop from $0.99]
B012BR3VYGAnwen of Primewood (The Eldentimber Series Book 2) by Shari L. Tapscott

Genre: Teen & Young Adult Sword & Sorcery Fantasy eBooks, Mythology & Folk Tales (Kindle Store), Fairy Tale Fantasy (Kindle Store)
Price: Free [Drop from $2.99]
B078Z6MH8VThe World of Ato by Patrick Borosky

Genre: Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery, Teen & Young Adult Sword & Sorcery Fantasy eBooks, Teen & Young Adult Sword & Sorcery Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery Fantasy eBooks
Price: $0.99
B0773XRT3QCaught: A Historical Romance by Christina J Michaels

Genre: Regency, British, Women's Fiction, Historical Fantasy Fiction, British Historical Literature, British & Irish Literature
Price: $4.99
B01J0FVALSLayered Lies (Kelsey's Burden Series Book 1) by Kaylie Hunter

Genre: Women Sleuths, Cozy, Suspense, Crime, Kidnapping Crime Fiction, Women's Psychological Fiction, Vigilante Justice, Heist Crime, Women's Crime Fiction
Price: Free [Drop from $0.99]
B07Z8JKNXTThe Bus Trip: The story of a team, a challenging season, and the lessons learned on a bus ride by Jamy Bechler

Genre: Inspirational Spirituality, Children's Sports & Outdoors Books (Kindle Store), Sports Coaching (Kindle Store)
Price: $0.99 [Drop from $9.99]
B083M796PSMore Than A Diet Book: 7 Steps I took to lose 40 lbs, find joy and peace even while working 40 hours (Never Stop Learning Lifestyle Series) by Brandon Pervis Sr.

Genre: Reference (Kindle Store), Nursing Nutrition, Holistic Medicine (Kindle Store), Adult & Continuing Education (Kindle Store)
Price: $0.99
B07GGHS5FXThe Wedding Catch (The Wedding Whisperer Book 2) by Susan Hatler

Genre: Classic Humor Fiction, General Humorous Fiction
Price: Free [Drop from $4.99]
B01LZ7GWKSThe Accounts of Benny's Diner and Other Stories by D.F. Lopez

Genre: Christian Books & Bibles, Religion & Spirituality, Christian eBooks & Bibles
Price: $8.99
B07NNNFVT9This Could Be Us But You Playin' Super Box Set: Complete Series by Cachet

Genre: African American Urban Fiction (Kindle Store), African American Romance, Urban Fiction (Kindle Store)
Price: Free [Drop from $0.99]
B07L5QBBZXReflections in a Raindrop: A Memoir by Klara Alžběta Adamirova, Klara Adamirova

Genre: Biographies & Memoirs of Women, Teen & Young Adult Biography eBooks, Memoirs (Kindle Store), Women's Biographies
Price: Free [Drop from $2.99]
B083RNCVWMThe Breath of Life: An Alien Sci-fi Romance by Evelyn Hart

Genre: First Contact Science Fiction eBooks, Two-Hour Science Fiction & Fantasy Short Reads, First Contact Science Fiction (Books), Science Fiction Romance (Kindle Store), Two-Hour Romance Short Reads
Price: $0.99
B07VCJK79DA Love Blooming in the Silent Ranch: A Historical Western Romance Book by Lorelei Brogan

Genre: American Historical Romance (Kindle Store), Historical Christian Romance Fiction, Frontier & Pioneer Western Fiction
Price: Free [Drop from $0.99]
B07HXMJ6GBThe Frights of Fiji (Alyssa McCarthy's Magical Missions Book 1) by Sunayna Prasad

Genre: Girls & Women, Fantasy & Magic, Coming of Age, Children's Coming of Age Fantasy Books, Children's Girls & Women Books (Kindle Store), Children's Girls & Women Books (Books)
Price: Free [Drop from $0.99]
B083W4ZNFKUnfailing Grace: How Adversity Magnifies the Grace Within Showing the Beauty of this Tapestry of Life by Julie Carrick

Genre: Personal Growth & Christianity
Price: Free [Drop from $6.99]
B07YK8VQ1ZFrom Cellar to Throne: Zen's Quest for Immortality 23: Stake Everything On One Throw (Tempered into a Martial Master: A Cultivation Series) by Mobo Reader, En Chi Jie Tuo, Ludmila Lyu

Genre: Children's Sword & Sorcery Fantasy Books, Asian Myth & Legend eBooks, Superhero Fantasy eBooks
Price: Free [Drop from $3.99]
B081VRWNH9The Teachers' Family by Terezia Kontova

Genre: Children's Science Fiction Books (Kindle Store), Children's Science Fiction Books (Books), Children's Fantasy Books
Price: $0.99
B01N1WIER0Night of the Jabberwock by Fredric Brown

Genre: Paranormal Suspense, Paranormal & Urban Fantasy (Kindle Store)
Price: Free [Drop from $3.99]
B01L2KTS4APondlife: Blue Moon Eclipse by Patricia M Ahern

Genre: Children's Folk Tales & Myth Collections, Children's Sword & Sorcery Fantasy Books, Fairy Tale Fantasy, Fairy Tale Fantasy (Kindle Store)
Price: $0.99
B0798SXY1MFrancine: The Coalminers' Dragon by John Schwartz, Melanie Stephens, Mark Spencer

Genre: Contemporary Women's Fiction, Women's Romance Fiction, Contemporary Women Fiction, Political Fiction (Books), Political Fiction (Kindle Store), Women's Adventure Fiction (Books)
Price: $2.99
B0777MXMLFThe Viscount and the Vicar's Daughter: A Victorian Romance by Mimi Matthews

Genre: Victorian Historical Romance (Kindle Store), British & Irish Literary Fiction, British Historical Literature, Historical European Fiction, Historical Regency Fiction
Price: Free [Drop from $3.99]
B07PJ552PNPondlife: Baboozle's Revenge by Patricia M Ahern

Genre: Children's Fantasy Books, Children's Fantasy & Magic Books
Price: $0.99
B07XQM7PMGHer Last Steps: A psychological suspense thriller by N.L. Hinkens

Genre: Kidnapping Crime Fiction, Private Investigator Mysteries (Kindle Store), Psychological Thrillers (Kindle Store)
Price: $3.99
B077KR5ZW7Rebel Bound by Shauna E. Black

Genre: Science Fiction & Dystopian, Dystopian, Children's eBooks, Children's eBooks (Kindle Store), Teen & Young Adult Dystopian eBooks, Teen & Young Adult Science Fiction & Dystopian Romance eBooks
Price: Free [Drop from $4.99]
B07Y7M7N3BBehold Me, Behold Me: Evangelism that Glorifies God by S.M. Platt

Genre: Christian Evangelism (Kindle Store), Adult Christian Education (Kindle Store), Adult Christian Education (Books)
Price: $0.99
B0843LM459What The Wealth?!: A Guide to Financial Clarity for Professionals and Families by Jonathan Bednar

Genre: Financial Risk Management (Kindle Store), Financial Services, Personal Finance Software (Kindle Store), Business Insurance (Kindle Store), Financial Accounting (Kindle Store), Financial Engineering (Kindle Store)
Price: $0.99
B078371FFBDiabetes Won't Defeat Us by Jonsel Gourkan

Genre: 90-Minute Health, Fitness & Dieting Short Reads, 90-Minute Self-Help Short Reads, Diabetes (Kindle Store), 90-Minute Teen & Young Adult Short Reads
Price: $2.99
B01B9YPAU0Remembering Eternity Book 1 The Game Begins: A Search for the Permanent Bliss of Enlightenment by Richard Dietrich Maddox

Genre: Personal Success, Consciousness & Thought, Metaphysical, Metaphysical & Visionary, Personal Success & Spirituality, Metaphysical Fiction, Consciousness & Thought (Kindle Store)
Price: $0.99
B07Y8QF7PJThe dark strain by Gary Martin

Genre: Literature & Fiction (Kindle Store), Superhero Science Fiction, Literature & Fiction (Books)
Price: $0.99
B07K2TG98YAn American In Duke's Clothing (An Unlikely Match Series Book 1) by Mindy Burbidge Strunk

Genre: Historical Regency Fiction, U.S. Historical Fiction, Regency Historical Romance
Price: Free [Drop from $4.99]
B0845MSD7GPandemonium by Henry Marsh

Genre: Science Fiction Adventure, Fantasy (Kindle Store), Teen & Young Adult Sci-Fi Action & Adventure eBooks
Price: $0.99
B07M6GXB8XR.E.A.L.: Remember Everyone Ain't Loyal by Christina Fletcher

Genre: Family Life Fiction (Kindle Store), African American Urban Fiction (Kindle Store), Urban Fiction (Kindle Store)
Price: Free [Drop from $3.99]
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