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B00IXZE2KSReforming Lord Ragsdale by

Genre: Historical Regency Fiction, Inspirational Romance, Historical Romance (Kindle Store)
Price: Free [Drop from $2.99]
B01MS6QD1OThe Stationmaster's Cottage (River's End Mystery Romance Book 1) by

Genre: Australian & Oceanian Literature, Contemporary Western Fiction, Women's Literary Fiction
Price: Free [Drop from $2.99]
B07TQH8MV9Telescope Jim (Pirates of the South Seas Book 1) by

Genre: Children's United States Folk Tales, Children's US Western Historical Fiction, Children's Action & Adventure Sci-Fi Books, Children's Pirate Action & Adventure, Children's Scary Stories, Children's Humorous Literature, Children's Humorous Action & Adventure
Price: Free [Drop from $0.99]
B075XN3QHDOnly Wrong Once: A Medical Thriller (FBI and CDC Thriller Series Book 1) by

Genre: Terrorism Thrillers (Kindle Store), Action Thriller Fiction, Mystery Action Fiction (Kindle Store), Technothrillers (Kindle Store), Suspense Action Fiction
Price: $5.99
B0784M4VFNUntamed: A Reverse Harem Story (Sons of Zeus Book 1) by

Genre: Mythology (Kindle Store), Paranormal & Urban Fantasy (Kindle Store), Fairy Tale Fantasy (Kindle Store)
Price: Free [Drop from $0.99]
B07VCYV3L8The Billionaires' Handbook: A User's Guide to Wealth and Power by

Genre: Two-Hour Business & Money Short Reads, General Humorous Fiction, Two-Hour Literature & Fiction Short Reads, Business & Investing (Kindle Store)
Price: Free [Drop from $5]
B01MTKYCHCImogen's Secret - If You're Lying, She'll Know: Book 1 of the Chroma Trilogy by

Genre: Teen & Young Adult Science & Nature eBooks, Contemporary British Fiction, Teen & Young Adult Sci-Fi Mystery eBooks, Women's Fantasy Fiction, Teen & Young Adult Romantic Mystery eBooks, Urban Fiction (Kindle Store), Teen & Young Adult Fantasy & Supernatural Mystery eBooks
Price: Free [Drop from $4.99]
B079KXJDGLAmish Under Fire (Amish Romantic Suspense, standalone novel) (Covert Police Detectives Unit Series Book 2) by

Genre: Religious Mysteries (Kindle Store), Mennonite Christianity (Kindle Store), Amish Christianity
Price: $2.99
B07MLTVJN8Burden of Truth (Cass Leary Legal Thriller Series Book 1) by

Genre: Organized Crime (Kindle Store), Murder, Vigilante Justice
Price: Free [Drop from $3.99]
B0861KLVVHHer Eyes Underwater: A True-Crime Inspired Romantic Suspense novel by

Genre: Suspense (Kindle Store), Romantic Suspense (Books), Romantic Suspense (Kindle Store), Horror Suspense, American Literature Anthologies, Erotic Horror (Kindle Store)
Price: $0.99
B00MSV67YWTears of a Heart (Kan Savasci Cycle Book 1) by

Genre: Dragons & Mythical Creatures Fantasy (Kindle Store), Coming of Age Fantasy, Arthurian Fantasy (Kindle Store), Sword & Sorcery Fantasy eBooks
Price: $0.99
B07N5NCGYSSecond Chance: another romance for the over 40 by

Genre: General Humorous Fiction, Satire Fiction (Kindle Store), Romantic Comedy (Kindle Store)
Price: Free [Drop from $4.99]
B07W41DJD1Saving Miss Everly: A Regency Romance (Inglewood Book 3) by

Genre: Women's Historical Fiction, Action & Adventure Romance (Kindle Store), Historical Christian Romance Fiction, Religious Romance (Kindle Store)
Price: Free [Drop from $4.99]
B088BP48VDKnocked Up by the CEO: A Second Chance Romance (Office Romances Book 2) by

Genre: Women's Action & Adventure Fiction, Contemporary American Fiction, City Life Fiction (Kindle Store), New Adult & College Romance (Kindle Store)
Price: $2.99
B084G9XK5GCatching Currents: A Frontier Historic Colorado Story by

Genre: Historical Biographical Fiction, Native American Literature (Kindle Store), Biographical Literary Fiction
Price: $0.99
B086B7N1HBWar's Edge: Dead Heroes by

Genre: Space Marine Science Fiction eBooks, Space Marine Science Fiction, Galactic Empire Science Fiction eBooks, Galactic Empire Science Fiction
Price: $2.99
B00CNFLU18Together Again (The Vicarage Bench Series Book 5) by Mimi Barbour

Genre: Ghosts, New Adult & College, Romantic Comedy, Time Travel, Time Travel Romances, Time Travel Romance, Ghost Fiction, New Adult & College Romance (Kindle Store), Romantic Comedy (Kindle Store)
Price: Free [Drop from $3.99]
B082GDMC62When The Stars Align by

Genre: New Adult & College Romance (Books), Contemporary Romance (Kindle Store), Contemporary Romance (Books)
Price: $0.99 [Drop from $2.99]
B082XLFLHPSchool and My Bully Experience by

Genre: Children's Abuse books, Children's Dysfunctional Relationships Books (Books), Children's Dysfunctional Relationships Books (Kindle Store)
Price: $0.99
B076D28VY3The Aleutian Portal (Sam Reilly Book 8) by

Genre: Military Thrillers (Kindle Store), Pulp Thrillers, War & Military Action Fiction (Kindle Store), Men's Adventure Fiction (Kindle Store), Terrorism Thrillers (Kindle Store)
Price: Free [Drop from $2.99]
B07Y63V83DThe Accounts of Benny's Diner and Other Stories by

Genre: Nonfiction (Kindle Store)
Price: $2.99
B07GS534M2Deadly Alliance: A Fortis/Purgatory Crossover Novel by

Genre: Romantic Suspense (Kindle Store), Military Romance (Kindle Store)
Price: Free [Drop from $3.5]
B082FY84BPThe Crafter's Son: Book One of the Exciting New Coming of Age Epic Fantasy Series, The Crafter Chronicles by

Genre: Teen & Young Adult Norse Myths & Legends eBooks, Religious Science Fiction & Fantasy (Kindle Store), Teen & Young Adult Sword & Sorcery Fantasy eBooks, Teen & Young Adult Sci-Fi Action & Adventure eBooks
Price: Free [Drop from $3.99]
B0881DTT2TBy Any Other Name by

Genre: 45-Minute Romance Short Reads, Single Authors Short Stories, Contemporary Short Stories
Price: $0.99
B087C81XCXHow to Hear God, 10 Ways God Speaks: How to Hear God's Voice by

Genre: Pneumatology Christian Theology, Adult Christian Ministry (Kindle Store), Christian Bible Handbooks (Kindle Store), Christian Discipleship (Kindle Store)
Price: $0.99
B00H7QLK8GThe Warlochs' Pact: Book 1: Rise of the Battle Bred Series by

Genre: Paranormal Suspense, Paranormal & Urban Fantasy (Kindle Store), Teen & Young Adult eBooks
Price: Free [Drop from $0.99]
B087M71XWXMarried to my Boss: A Secret Baby Romance (Office Romances Book 1) by

Genre: Women's Action & Adventure Fiction, Contemporary American Fiction, City Life Fiction (Kindle Store)
Price: $2.99

Genre: Theological Eschatology, Christian Eschatology (Books)
Price: $5
B00URUIIXOLouise by Diana Nixon

Genre: Romantic, Contemporary Women, Women's Fiction, Mystery, Thriller & Suspense, Romance, Mothers & Children Fiction, Women's Action & Adventure Fiction, Women's Literary Fiction, Contemporary Women's Fiction
Price: Free [Drop from $0.99]
B01373CVCQDiffusion by

Genre: Alien Invasion Science Fiction eBooks, Teen & Young Adult Aliens eBooks, Metaphysical Science Fiction eBooks
Price: Free [Drop from $3.99]
B086844LYSChosen Alpha (The Olympia Pack Book 1) by

Genre: Werewolf & Shifter Romance, Paranormal Werewolves & Shifters Romance, Romantic Fantasy (Books)
Price: $1.99

Genre: Action & Adventure in French, Historical Fiction in French, French Language Fiction
Price: $2.99
B019BGXH7GSinfully Spellbound (Spells That Bind Book 1) by

Genre: Paranormal Demons & Devils Romance, Paranormal Witches & Wizards Romance, Fantasy & Futuristic Romance
Price: $3.99
B084DCY3D6The Secret to Everything: How to Live More and Suffer Less by

Genre: Taoism (Kindle Store), Taoist Philosophy, Unitarian Universalism (Kindle Store)
Price: $0.99
B01BYT6HIYTake Down (Detective Danny Acuff Book 1) by Stan R. Mitchell

Genre: Cozy, Police Procedurals, Organized Crime Thrillers, Crime Thrillers (Kindle Store), Police Procedurals (Kindle Store)
Price: $4.99
B088QLRN4KThe Online Meeting Survival Guide: Learn Google Meet, Facebook Rooms, Microsoft Teams, Skype and Zoom by

Genre: Running Meetings & Presentations (Kindle Store), Telecommunications, Running Meetings & Presentations (Books), Business Communication Skills, Telecommunications & Sensors
Price: $2.99
B085XNSWFWBoomer (Ruthless Kings MC Book 2) by

Genre: Organized Crime Thrillers, Kidnapping Crime Fiction, Organized Crime (Kindle Store)
Price: $3.99
B06XW9XJD5Path of a Novice: The Silvan Book I by

Genre: Children's Arthurian Folk Tales, Military Fantasy (Kindle Store), Superhero Fantasy eBooks, Epic Fantasy (Kindle Store), Arthurian Fantasy (Kindle Store), Dragons & Mythical Creatures Fantasy (Kindle Store)
Price: Free [Drop from $2.99]
B01H0FRE3SWhen She Was Bad (Barclay & MacDonald Book 1) by

Genre: Crime Thrillers (Kindle Store), Crime Fiction (Kindle Store)
Price: Free [Drop from $0.99]
B088DD4SGJThe Revenue Marketing Book : How to build a predictable and repeatable revenue marketing engine that works by

Genre: Marketing (Kindle Store)
Price: Free
B0721R2KNFTruth Kills: PI Angelina Bonaparte Crime Thrillers #1 (Angelina Bonaparte Mysteries) by

Genre: Noir Crime, Hard-Boiled Mysteries (Kindle Store), Women's Detective Fiction
Price: $0.99
B01L51J7CYThe Warriors Rise: Book 3: Rise of the Battle Bred Series by

Genre: Paranormal Suspense, Paranormal & Urban Fantasy (Kindle Store), Teen & Young Adult eBooks
Price: Free [Drop from $1.99]
B086LKBHD6Archibald Lox and the Bridge Between Worlds: Archibald Lox series, Volume 1, book 1 of 3 by

Genre: Paranormal & Urban Fantasy (Kindle Store), Children's Fantasy Books
Price: Free [Drop from $0.99]
B01N0P4QALAbandon the Night (The Heroes of New Vegas Book 3) by

Genre: Paranormal Romance (Kindle Store), Romantic Suspense (Kindle Store), Military Romance (Kindle Store)
Price: $5.99
B07HXMJ6GBThe Frights of Fiji (Alyssa McCarthy's Magical Missions Book 1) by

Genre: Children's Coming of Age Fantasy Books, Children's Girls & Women Books (Kindle Store)
Price: Free [Drop from $0.99]
B088F1W592Asbury High and the Parcels of Poison: Asbury High Series Book 2 by

Genre: Comedy (Kindle Store), Being a Teen eBooks, Teen & Young Adult Detective Story eBooks
Price: $0.99
B06X6B28GNLiar by

Genre: Children's Abuse books, Children's Self-Esteem & Self-Respect, Children's Dysfunctional Relationships Books (Kindle Store)
Price: $2.99
B087X9X2JZAltered Helix: Novella One by

Genre: Two-Hour Teen & Young Adult Short Reads, Teen & Young Adult Survival Stories, Teen & Young Adult Survival Stories eBooks
Price: $0.99
B07NPTTYFJThe Stoned by

Genre: Political Fiction (Books), Political Fiction (Kindle Store), Psychological Fiction (Kindle Store)
Price: $0.99
B071PDDBKLSWEET DREAMS, BABY (Love & Mystery in the 6-oh-3 Book 3) by

Genre: Romantic Suspense (Kindle Store), Private Investigator Mysteries (Kindle Store), Mystery Romance
Price: Free [Drop from $2.99]
B07VSKVM5JThe Loss Prevention Officer by

Genre: Crime Thrillers (Kindle Store), Crime Thrillers (Books), Legal Thrillers (Kindle Store)
Price: Free [Drop from $2.99]
B087RSW7SSAmerican Blasphemer: A Novel by

Genre: Christian Literature & Fiction, Christian Fiction (Kindle Store), Coming of Age Fiction (Books), Literary Fiction (Kindle Store), Coming of Age Fiction (Kindle Store), Psychological Literary Fiction, Contemporary Christian Fiction (Kindle Store), City Life Fiction (Kindle Store), Contemporary American Fiction, Contemporary Literary Fiction
Price: Free [Drop from $0.99]
B074MKJT7FDisposable Magic by

Genre: Epic Fantasy (Kindle Store), Teen & Young Adult eBooks
Price: Free [Drop from $2.99]
B088TW2DTXForbidden Crush: A Secret Baby Romance (Forbidden Lovers Book 4) by

Genre: Contemporary Urban Fiction, Classic Romance Fiction, Contemporary Short Stories, Holiday Romance (Kindle Store), Holiday Romance (Books)
Price: $0.99
B074XB9STXI Stole His Car (Love at First Crime Book 1) by

Genre: Contemporary Romance (Kindle Store), Romantic Suspense (Kindle Store)
Price: Free [Drop from $0.99]
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